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EVS Project


EVS = European Voluntary Service

The Erasmus+ programme offers young Europeans the chance to make a real difference to the world and to their own lives – through the European Voluntary Service.

The European Voluntary Service (EVS) provides young people with the unique chance to express their personal commitment through unpaid and full-time voluntary activities in a foreign country within or outside the EU. In this way, it seeks to develop solidarity, mutual understanding and tolerance among young people, thus contributing to reinforcing social cohesion and to promoting young people’s active citizenship.

EI Reference: 2011-PL-127

Duration: 6-12 months

Objectives and motivation

The main aim of the project is to assist the staff members of the foundation, work with children who have got different blood diseases, to help the staff members to organize charitable events and activities, game activities for children etc. The volunteer will be involved in all programs and will be encouraged to propose his/her own ideas and suggestions. The volunteer will live and work with the local community. Apart from working with the children, he/she will have the possibility to spend his/her free time with them and to learn a lot about Armenia. The volunteer will be involved in discussions and seminars about the future of the children and will be able to share his/her opinion on the situation with parents and staff of hospitals. With the help of the volunteer they will be able to organize more workshops, in which the children according to their health can draw, sculpture, sing and dance.

Volunteer tasks

The daily routine and tasks could be as follows (will be decided after the arrival of the volunteer together with the staff and will be more flexible):

  • Visiting children, who are having their treatment in hospitals, to play with them, to organize interesting games and activities
  • Help in making statistics of children who have leukemia and other blood diseases
  • Organization of charity activities in hospitals and children’s centers
  • Searching for financial support from local and international sponsors
  • Promotion of the activities of the foundation in international organizations, writing articles about activities
  • Updating the website with new events and upcoming activities
  • Organization of charitable events for hospitals- when everybody can gift something for children or can participate in common games, concerts. The volunteer will be able to practice administrative skills in planning and organizing such events
  • Making programs of entertainment for children in hospitals and centers
  • Organization of arts and crafts competitions in hospitals
  • Creating of Game Rooms in hospitals, organization of game hours for children

Support and training will be provided by the staff of the organization and by the community.

The volunteer will work 5 days per week (approx. 30 hours) and will have weekends off.

Expected learning outcome

During the project the volunteers will develop and improve the sense of responsibility and entrepreneurship, as in Hosting Organisation they are always independent in what they do, though never alone. It will be a good possibility to get acquainted with another culture, different from theirs, learn the language of the country, meet people with different backgrounds. All this will enable the volunteer to improve also their language skills and for some of them it will be a chance to teach their language to the locals.


There are no gender, age or any background requirements for the selection/recruitment of volunteers. The volunteer should be “childAble” – interested or have some experience in working with children; he/she should be kind, communicative and reliable. The essential competences are sense of responsibility, creativity, ability to listen and support. It is preferable that the volunteer doesn’t have any chronicle diseases, especially those that may become an obstacle in work with children.

Ex-volunteers of project

Saskia nathali Rasa Natali Michelle

All interested volunteers are asked to fill in the application form //


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